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Collect contributions from friends and family for any occasion…

How it works

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Personalise a gift page in just a few clicks. It could be for a family member, a friend, a colleague or anyone else.
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Share it with your family and friends: by email, or simply by copying your gift page’s unique URL link.
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Others click to contribute and sign the group greeting card (optional).
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Use the balance collected to purchase vouchers from our wide range of retail partners. You can split the gift collection across as many vouchers as you like - delivered straight to you by email.

Convert your contributions into one or multiple digital gift cards from our wide range of retail partners.

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Creating a gift page is FREE and we take 0% commission - so everything you collect is yours to convert into gift cards. Contributors pay a small processing fee on top of their contribution: typically less than the cost of gift wrapping!







You can also share the joy and donate a portion of your received contributions to charity. Once you are ready to make your donation, just get in touch with us!

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