Waffles helps people give and receive the perfect gift every time, reducing the amount of unwanted gifts and eliminating the hassle involved in picking the perfect gift for someone.

With Waffles you can personalise a gift page, receive gift contributions from others, and convert them into digital gift cards from one of our many retail partners. You (or that lucky recipient) can then enjoy shopping for items you really want or need.

You can also collect contributions for a teacher's gift, a baby shower or a leaving gift for a colleague. No more awkward cash collections between friends, no more tatty envelopes being passed around… Waffles makes it fun and easy!

Waffles works in four simple steps:

1. Personalise your gift page

Whether it's for yourself or someone else, in just a few clicks you can add a title, a description message and you can either upload a photo or select one of our own fun designs. You can add as much or as little detail as you like. See examples on our homepage.

2. Invite friends and family to contribute to your gift page.

Once you've created your gift page, you have the option to input their email addresses and we can directly send them the URL link to your gift page. Another option is to simply COPY the unique URL link of your gift page and share it with them yourself via WhatsApp, text message, email etc..

3. Start receiving contributions.

Contributors don’t need to register in order to make a contribution. Their contribution amount is only visible to the gift page creator and NEVER to other contributors; but they can also hide their contribution amount if they wish to - it’s the thought that counts after all. They can also write a personal message to the recipient if they wish to.

4. Use these contributions to purchase one, or multiple gift cards from our many retail partners. We will deliver these straight to you by email.

You can spread the balance across as many gift cards as you like. If you used Waffles to organise a group gift for someone else, simply email it or print it out to present to them.

You can also share the joy and contribute part (or all) of your received contributions to one of our charity partners.

Creating a gift Page

Birthdays, baby showers, teachers' gifts, office leaving gifts, graduations, hen parties, bar/bat mitzvah… you name it! Waffles is about taking the hassle out of gifting and focusing on the celebration itself.

In order to create a gift page and receive gift contributions you will need to create an account. We’ll send you an email to verify your account and once you click on the email link, you’re good to go.

As a contributor to a gift page you don’t need to create an account, you can just get on with hassle-free gifting.

Yes! Not only is it super easy but it’s also fun! In just a few clicks you can personalise your gift page and share it with friends to start receiving contributions.

All you need to do is:

  • Give your page a title.
  • Write a personal description message. You can add as much or as little detail as you like.
  • Upload your own background image or choose from one of our cool designs.
  • If you’ve created a page for someone else just add the recipient’s name and a closing date (optional).
  • Once you've created your gift page, you have the option to input your friends'/family's email addresses and we'll share your gift page with them. OR you could simply COPY the URL link and share it with them yourself via WhatsApp, Text message, email etc.

You can find some gift page examples on our homepage.

Of course! Organising a group gift has never been easier. Forget about bank transfers, collecting cash between friends or a tatty envelope full of pennies! Just personalise a gift page, adding the name of the recipient.

When all the contributions have been made, you can convert the balance into one, or multiple gift cards of your choice. Then print and hand-deliver to the lucky recipient or simply email it to them.

Only those you have shared your gift page's unique URL link with will be able to access it and make a gift.

Note: While gift pages have unique URL links, they are not password protected so anyone with that link will be able to access it.

You can do this by adding a kind sentence in your description message.

A note we loved reading:

“Hello everyone,

Lucy is very excited to have her friends over for her birthday next Saturday.

We'd like to suggest that rather than bring her individual gifts, her friends band together to gift her the one present she really wants: a purple scooter.

If you like this idea you could contribute £10 to this gift page, and we'll have the scooter wrapped up for her big day.

Thank you!!

Lucy's mum”

Once you’ve created your gift page, click on the “Invite by Email” button and type the email addresses of as many of your friends and family as you like and we’ll take care of the rest.


Just copy your gift page URL link and share it with others yourself via WhatsApp, Text message. email etc..

You can invite more people at any time. The more the merrier (and the bigger the gift!)

Managing my gift page and tracking contributions

You can edit all your gift page details at any point! Simply login to your account, choose the gift page you want to edit and make all the changes you want. If you need help, we’re more than happy to assist you -

Of course, just login to your account, select the gift page and edit the closing date.

Your gift page will display the name and email addresses of each of your contributors so that you can thank them directly by email if you wish to. You have to be logged in to your account in order to see email addresses of contributors.

We’re also working on a feature allowing you to email contributors straight from Waffles. Watch this space!

You will be notified by email whenever you receive a gift contribution and a full list of all contributions will be available on your gift page when you login (the amounts and email addresses of contributors would be only visible to you, the creator of the gift page).

We wouldn’t call them reminders... But if someone needs a little nudge you can always re-send the original invites by typing their email address once again in the "Invite by Email" button at the bottom of your gift page.

The contribution amounts are ONLY visible to the creator of the gift page. These amounts will never be displayed to friends and family who visit your gift page.

Note: Some contributors may have chosen to "Hide their contribution amount". In that case their contribution amount will be hidden from the gift creator as well.

Spending your gift contributions by purchasing digital gift cards

Your gift page balance is credited as and when you receive contributions. You can then use these contributions to purchase gift cards available on our website.

You can either spend the entire balance one one gift card, or, spread the balance across as many gift cards as you like. We will deliver the gift cards straight to you by email so you can print them or forward on to the lucky recipient.

We’ve partnered with the best retailers in the UK and we’re constantly working on adding more! If you’re not sure which gift card you’d like then take your time - you have a whole year from when you created your gift page.

All our gift cards are digital, so they’ll be sent to you by email within a couple of hours at most.

In some instances it could take up to 24 working hours depending on the retailer or stock availability. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues – we’re always on hand to help.

We’re sorry but we don’t offer a cash alternative. We offer a wide range of gift cards on our website so we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

To see our full range of available gift cards click here.

We’re always happy to hear your suggestions of any retailers you’d like to see added to the Waffles line up -

There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can purchase as long as your gift page's balance allows it. You can either put your gift page's entire balance onto one gift card, or split the balance across various gift cards.

Gift cards are available in any denomination, however please check the minimum and maximum value per gift card as they may differ between retailers.

For e.g. John Lewis gift cards have a minimum face value of £10 and maximum of £500. Whereas Ticketmaster gift cards have a minimum face value of £20 and maximum of £250. This information is available on our website when you click on each retailer's gift card.

Unfortunately not, once a gift card is purchased we can no longer exchange or refund it.

Gift card terms and conditions vary between retailers so you can check this with the retailer concerned or on the instructions specific to each card on our website. Waffles has no influence on the terms and conditions of the gift cards.

Please check the gift cards' terms before purchasing a gift card as they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

It’s best to check where your gift card can used be before making your purchase: you can check this directly with the retailer or on our website in the redemption instructions specific to each card. Waffles has no influence on the terms and conditions of our gift cards.

Oops! We’re really sorry to hear this. There can be a number of reasons why a gift card isn’t working:

  • Double check the terms and conditions of your gift card to make sure you can use it in the location you are currently trying to spend it. For example, some gift cards can only be spent in store and not online or vice versa. Check this directly with the relevant retailer.
  • Sometimes there may be an issue with the retailer’s website, or staff may not be familiar with the gift card in store. In this instance you should seek help directly from the retailer.

If you’re still having trouble please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

In most cases, any denomination you would like! However, please check the minimum and maximum value per gift card as they may differ between retailers.

For e.g. John Lewis gift cards have a minimum face value of £10 and maximum of £500. Whereas Ticketmaster gift cards have a minimum face value of £20 and maximum of £250. This information is available on our website when you click on each retailer's gift card.

We know it takes time to choose the perfect gift, so there’s no pressure! You have up a whole year from the date your gift page was created to spend your contributions. Your gift contributions are safe with us!

Each gift page you create will have its own separate balance and will need to be spent separately.

For example, if you have created a gift page for your child’s birthday and received £100, and another for a Christmas gift and received £50, you will have to convert each gift page balance separately into the gift cards of your choice.

Sure, just email us and we will re-send it to you.

It’s really up to you! Once all the contributions have been made and you’ve converted the balance into the gift card(s) of your choice, we’ll email you the gift card(s) you purchased. You can then:

  • Forward it to the lucky recipient by email.
  • OR

  • Print it and hand it to them.

We have partnered with Children with Cancer UK, so if you’d like to donate all or part of your received contributions just let us know and we’ll arrange for the donation to be made on your behalf -

Contributing to a Gift page

If you’ve been invited to contribute via email just follow the URL link and click ‘Contribute’. Then insert a gift amount (up to £200) and add a personal message for the recipient.

Once your contribution has gone through we’ll send you a confirmation email with your receipt.

It's quick and simple, and you'll have made someone super happy!

Note: we accept European credit/debit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

You can make your gift contributions using any MasterCard or VISA credit or debit card. All contributions are taken in GBP.


If you’ve contributed too little, simply make another contribution on top of it.

If you've contributed too much please email us at with the gift page link. We’ll refund your contribution and then you can make another contribution with the correct amount. Bear in mind we can only do this if the gift recipient hasn't spent it yet.

Your contribution amount is only visible to the creator of the gift page. However, if you don’t want the recipient to see it, then you can always click on “Hide contribution amount from gift recipient” and we will make sure not to display it.


It’s FREE. Yes, FREE. You can personalise as many gift pages as you like and it won’t cost you a penny.

We charge a small processing fee of 2.5% + 18p on top of each contribution. So if you contribute £10 to a gift page, we would charge you a total of £10.43 (£10 gift + 43p processing fee).

That’s typically cheaper than what you would spend on gift wrapping, a greeting card or even the cost of going to a shop to buy a gift.

No, we take 0% commission.

Your gift contributions are ALL yours to spend however and whenever you wish to do so.

We are the UK's only gift registry that doesn't take anything away from your gift. It's all yours to spend and that's how it should be!


Contributions made to each gift page are held in a separate Client Account at Barclays UK. This bank account is 100% ring-fenced and separate from our company’s day-to-day bank account. Your funds are protected and guaranteed and will never be used for the running of our business.

Any funds that have been contributed to your gift page are held in this separate trust account until you have purchased a gift card from our website.

Gift Examples

Hi everyone, I've set-up this gift page for those of you who would like to contribute towards a collective gift for Jill's birthday. The idea is to club together and contribute to getting her that new camera that she’s been pining after. We’re suggesting a gift of about £10 per person, or whatever you feel comfortable with, I’m sure she’d really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance, Laura x
Dear friends, I’m writing to make the gift giving process for Jack's birthday easier for all of us and great for him too! I’m sure you’re all too used to receiving gifts that end up somewhere in a cupboard, and sometimes the hassle of picking a gift is so daunting. That’s why I’m suggesting that we pool together and each contribute whatever you feel comfortable with, to go towards a gift card so Jack can pick the perfect gift of his choice, I’m sure he’d really appreciate it. See you all next week-end, Tom
Dear friends, Lucy and Elliott are very excited to have everyone celebrate their birthday. We’d like to suggest that rather than bringing them individual gifts, their friends band together to gift them the one present they both have been dreaming of- a scooter! If you like the idea you could contribute here, we’re suggesting £10 in total, or of course, whatever you feel comfortable with. We’ll make sure to have the scooters all wrapped up for the birthday! We really appreciate it, thank you, Lucy’s mum and Elliott’s mum
Dear friends, Lucas is turning 10 and we are thrilled to have some of his friends over for a party! Rather than individual gifts, we thought a cool alternative would be for his friends and family to contribute towards the special gift he’s been asking for- his own Ipad. Lucas would really appreciate this but it is totally optional and if you prefer to choose something yourself then he’d be extremely grateful as well. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the party, Nicola
Hello ladies! We’re all very excited that Danielle is embarking on the wonderful journey of motherhood! Since she probably will need lots of baby supplies, we thought that instead of bringing individual gifts, it’d be a good idea for us to pool together and give her a voucher to buy all the things she really she wants or needs for the baby. It’s the thought that counts so please contribute whatever you are comfortable with. This is totally optional so if you’d rather choose a gift to bring yourself then that’s great as well. We’ve planned some great games for the party so come ready to have fun!! Kristine
Hello ladies, I am very excited to celebrate the arrival of our precious baby girl with you. Your presence at my shower is truly the greatest present. If you really do insist on bringing a gift I would very much appreciate you making a contribution for a gift voucher so we could buy the things we really need to take good care of our little angel. I hope this will be more convenient for you too. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there! Much love, Sarah
Hello everyone, As you’re aware, Kayla is sadly leaving our team onto a new opportunity, her last day in the office will be Friday April 10th. As a thank you to everything she has done for this team, we’d like to give her a voucher as a leaving gift. I’ve set up this page so that you can contribute online in your own time. This is totally optional of course but would be very much appreciated! Many thanks, Linda
Hi team, As you all know, Cynthia and Chris are expecting in early June. As Cynthia will be going on maternity leave on the 5th of May, we thought we would organise a group gift to give her before she leaves. As most of you are remote, I thought it was easiest to set up an online collection and then we can either give them a gift voucher or buy them a gift. Much appreciated, Sally
Dear parents, We would like to organise a Christmas voucher for Mrs Jones to thank her for all her hard work so far. This is not mandatory as some families like to give their own personalised gifts at this time of year, but we have been hinted to by some teachers that they get too many chocolates at Christmas time! So we thought that pooling our contributions would be a more enjoyable/appreciated collective present.  We will offer the voucher and a card after the Christmas show on December 18th. For those who will be there, please join us to hand it to her. Thanks in advance, Your class reps
Dear parents, As the year end approaches, so does the tradition of gifting the teachers in recognition of the hard work and care they put towards our children throughout the year. This year we thought it be more enjoyable/appreciated if we pool our contributions towards gift voucher for each of the 3 teachers: Mr Brown, Mrs North and Miss Connor.   Once you’ve all contributed, I will split the collection into 3 equal vouchers so we can hand them to the teachers on the last day of school. We’re suggesting a donation of about £15 per family, but whatever you choose to contribute will be much appreciated. If you wish to contribute please do so before Thursday 22nd. Many thanks, Teresa

Please contact us if you’ve got more questions that haven’t appeared on the FAQs.